Serves 4

4 ea Large Yukon Gold

2 ea Celeriac

1 ea Leek

1 ea Large Yellow Onion

8 ea Garlic Clove

1 lb Razor Clams

1 cup White Wine

2 cans Clam Juice

TT Heavy Cream

TT Champagne Vinegar

TT Kosher Salt


2T Fennel Seed, toasted

2T Coriander Seed, toasted

1T Black Peppercorn, toasted

1T Chili Flake

2 ea Star Anise

4 ea Fresh Bay Leaf

3 ea Rosemary Sprig

6 ea Thyme Sprig


Rough chop potato, celeriac, leek, onion, garlic.

In a heavy-bottom pot, sweat the onion, garlic, and leek in EVOO until translucent. Add potato and celeriac, deglaze with white wine and reduce liquid until almost dry.

Add razor clam steaks, spice sachet, and clam juice, bring to boil, reduce to simmer until all ingredients are tender.

Remove sachet.

Working in batches, puree until very smooth, adding some heavy cream to each batch. Pass through a fine strainer.

Adjust seasoning with cream, champagne vinegar, kosher salt.


5 ea Salt Spring Island Mussels, scrubbed and de-bearded (per bowl)

5 ea Steamer Clams (per bowl)

6 ea Fish chunks – salmon/rockfish/halibut/etc (per bowl)

1 ea Large carrot, medium dice

1 ea Celeriac, medium dice

1 ea Leek, half-inch rings, rinsed

* Sweat carrot, celeriac, leek in EVOO seasoned well with salt until tender, cool, reserve.

1 lb Slab bacon, medium dice (cook in 375 degree oven until crispy, drain, reserve).


1 cup Assorted chili powders (dark, ancho, hot pimenton, cayenne)

2 cup Neutral Cooking Oil (canola)

* Combine in blender until steaming, strain through coffee filter.


Equal parts tarragon, chive (1” baton), parsley, celery heart leaves.


Warm soup puree.

In a pan, combine carrot, leek, celeriac, and fish chunks with about a half cup of white wine. Bring to simmer.

Add bacon, shellfish, cover and steam until clams and mussels have just opened

In a warm bowl, pour in soup puree.

Strain shellfish mix and place in bowl, drizzle with chili oil, sprinkle herb salad over it.