Recipe by Executive Chef /Owner Joshua Dorcak


3 sheet kombu

5 cup water

Method – Wash kombu in tap water until soft, you could soak it to conserve water as well. It is best to use filtered water for dashi like from a Brita or a bottled water that is very pure. Combine kombu and water and heat to 140 degrees F. Hold around this temperature for 1 hour. Strain and repeat 2 more times so you get as much out of kombu as possible, its not cheap. You end up with Dashi A, Dashi B, Dashi C. its ok to combine them but they each have different flavors so its nice to freeze some and have it around.


4 fillets from two fish



Sake (to rinse)

Method – Mix equal parts salt and sugar (enough to cover the fillets). Sprinkle salt and sugar over the fillets and let cure for 30 minutes in a cooler. Rinse with sake to wash off the cure, pat dry and keep cold.


1 cup dashi

½ cup rice vinegar

Pinch sugar

A nice pour of light shoyu

handful katsuobushi

Method – Combine all in a sauce pot. Bring to 180 degrees and let cool completely, 34 degrees.

In a food container pour the liquid over the fish and let sit for 45 minutes. Remove and pat dry, use tweezers to remove the pin bones and pinch the skin to peel off.


¾ cup dashi

¼ cup lemon juice

¼ cup dark shoyu

handful katsuobushi

1/8 cup mirin

Method – Combine all ingredients and bring to a simmer. Strain. Let cool.


Slice a portion of fish and using a grill or a torch, heavily char the skin. Place in a desired bowl. Pour the ponzu over the fish and garnish with olive oil and any other herb you prefer. Its nice to serve a slice of lemon with the fish.


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