Recipe by Executive Chef /Owner Joshua Dorcak


1 pound butter

Pinch salt

Method – Leave the butter out to temper overnight. Fold in a pinch of salt. Pack into a ceramic crock or plastic container. Let the butter age in a dark cool place. This should take 2 weeks or longer. The aroma should be of blue cheese.


Hand full of sugar snap peas

Method – Split the peas in half and lay out on a dehydrator tray. Set the dehydrator to 125 degrees and let peas dry overnight. Once the peas are dry pulverise them in a vitamix and sift. Store in an airtight container


1 lb. very small potatoes like fingerling

½ cup salt

½ cup All purpose flour


425 degree oven pre heated

Method – Mix the salt, flour together and add a little water at a time while you mix the dough. The end consistency should be like play dough. Its ok if you need to add more flour to fix the dough if you add too much water.

Pack the dough around the potatoes individually. Place on a sheet pan, bake until the dough is golden and hard. Let them cool and crack them out.


Warm the Aged butter in a saucepot, add the potatoes to coat them in the butter. Season with salt and place in a warm bowl. Sprinkle the pea powder over the top, garnish with pea tendrils and marigold flowers.


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