Shoptalk - Anna Popov

How did your years overseas influence your design approach?

The first half of my life was spent across the Atlantic. The culturally diverse, dynamic, and historic urban landscapes of Moldova and Tel-Aviv cultivated within me a deep admiration for European period architecture, which has stuck with me to this day. In every project we take on at Interiors By Popov, we reflect this influence.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue interior design?

When I was finishing my business degree, I was living in Tel-Aviv. It was at this time that I became acutely aware of human-centered design’s effect on a person’s experience of daily life. I noticed that when a mug fits one’s hand perfectly, the experience of drinking tea is different. Work becomes easier when light is correctly positioned in the room, and when the walls are the correct color and texture. Architecture and interior design have an immense impact on one’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being. This realization was deeply inspiring and led me to pursue a career in the field of interior design.

You mentioned that you specialize in European design. What does that mean?

It’s important to understand that European design is not a specific style. Rather, it is a philosophy that informs how we approach designing a space. My work adheres to a set of classical design principles, which emphasize precision when applying historically correct architectural elements, and balance when evaluating scale and proportion. This approach to interior design leads to spaces that feel entire individualized, yet familiar.

How do you stay inspired?

Art is the biggest source of inspiration for me. It’s so exciting to take elements of famous artists or periods in art history, and apply them to modern interiors. We have an ongoing series on our blog dedicated to art-inspired interiors!

Travel is also a source of endless inspiration. I practice a creative exercise which involves paying attention to the combinations of color and patterns that exist in new environments, whether manmade or natural. For example, the contrast between a blue pot on a fire escape to the brick wall behind it in Port Townsend, or the way the California sun illuminates the vibrant green leaves of succulents in Laguna Beach.

What are your favorite colors or materials at the moment?

This season, I’m absolutely obsessed with four natural materials: stone, cashmere, live-edge wood, and silk. Combining these materials in a variety of ways can transform an ordinary space into a one of refinement and luxury.

In your opinion, what is the most fundamental element of interior design? Where does one start?

We always start with the function. Never with aesthetic. A house becomes a home when it is designed to support every aspect of its inhabitants’ lives. This is what’s important, and this is where the true beauty lies.

What is the best way to spend a weekend in the Northwest?

That’s an easy one. This year, we completed a renovation of our own home. So, now, perfect weekend is sitting in my backyard with a book and a glass of chilled Chablis!

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