Shoptalk - Trove Interiors

What was the “a-ha” moment you knew you wanted to be an interior designer?

Susie: It wasn’t so much an “a-ha” moment, rather a way of life from the very beginning. My childhood was filled with houses that played a big role our lives and emotions, and it was impossible to overlook how much I loved that. My grandpa was a Hollywood art director, designing sets and telling stories with them, so I think I’ve always been very aware of its influence in my life.

Which section of your portfolio are you most proud of?

Kate: It’s not immediately obvious because our portfolio features the finished products, but the homes we work on undergo such a huge transformation. I’m most proud when I think back to the before and consider how changed the houses and our clients are when we’re done. Susie and I tend to look at things from different perspectives but through the same lens, so I also see that collaboration in our portfolio and I think our clients really benefit from our dynamic.

Do you have an inspiration board, and can you tell us what is inspiring you now?

Kate: I tend to collect things that I can reference as part of our problem-solving. I’m most inspired when beautiful things are the solution to everyday problems, and I think that is what keeps my curiosity alive and why I am always looking around for something new to learn and incorporate.

Susie: Lately, I’ve been most inspired by monochromatic rooms that are still layered and interesting. I think bringing in natural elements help those spaces feel casual and livable, but they always look put together and soothing

Favorite travel destination?

Kate: I’m anxious to get back to Denmark. It checks all the boxes for me: family, classic architecture, sidewalk cafes, beaches, wonderful food and great shopping.

When visiting a foreign country, which accessories do you collect and are there any special local items you look for?

Susie: I usually come home with a few pieces of art, old oil landscapes typically, and anything blue and white that fits in my suitcase.

If you enter a room what is the first thing you pay attention to?

Kate: If I’m not distracted by the architecture, it’s impossible to overlook the furniture arrangement. It’s hard to not pick up pieces and start re-arranging right then—we’ve been known to flip houses on end based on how our clients use them. I’m also immediately curious about the people who live in that room. It’s kind of like reading the back of a book–what does it say about the people who live there and is it doing its job of providing comfort and beauty?

What are your favorite products to work with, e.g. paints, wallpaper or textiles and which designers do you admire?

Susie: We’re always telling clients that we don’t want their homes to look “decorated,” and I think that’s done best with things that have a story, even if it’s new to you. Antiques help a space look good yesterday, today and tomorrow and, in the end, we’re about classic spaces that make people happy to call them home.

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