International business executive Kristin Luck and Portland interior designer Angela Todd of Angela Todd Studios met at a time when Luck was at a critical crossroads in life. After a recent breakup and few furnishings left, Luck was contemplating whether to stay or sell her beautifully designed Bend home.

Having exhausted any suitable interior design resources locally, Luck found Angela Todd’s website online. As someone who travels extensively and loves a colorful eclectic vibe, she was certain that Todd’s design preferences mirrored her own. After the initial in-home consultation, during which Todd queried Luck on what she loved, which included original artwork, colorful treasures brought back from travels to Bali, Cambodia, and Europe, Todd knew her job was to bring color and warmth to the décor amidst the cool concrete floors and beautiful wood ceilings. “This was a sizeable house to not have many furnishings,” recalls Luck, “so Angela really came in and designed the furnishings from top to bottom. Since I’m used to working remotely, working with Angela in Portland was a pretty easy process.”

“Kristin gave me a lot of trust and I really appreciated that about her,” says Todd. “By focusing on what she already had, Pendleton blankets, velvet green sofa, fiddle leaf trees, and an Indonesian Kwan Yin, I had a good jumping off point. I see common threads people already have and know how to complete the melody they’re humming even if they don’t realize they’ve started humming it.”

Todd’s redesign of a Massoud chair adds a High Desert/modern twist thanks to its leather arm straps and a playful modern blue upholstery fabric. For musical counterpoint, she pairs the duo with her cushy custom ottoman upholstered with Luck’s blue striped Pendleton blanket. She then brings the colorway back to the kitchen, tying it to the Carrera marble/navy blue island and Crater Lake Pendleton upholstered Vanguard barstools.

Todd transforms the existing hand-hewn dining table with a hand-forged metal base that together with chrome chairs upholstered with Vervain Italian velvet fabric gracefully echo the Sierra Pacific windows.

With the pandemic grounding Luck more than usual, she has had time to fully settle into the house. “I love living in this beautiful, eclectic house with these views,” she says. “So, this was a fun project that has given me a greater appreciation for the house and what I have.”


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Shoptalk - Angela Todd

Angela Todd

 When did you first become interested in design?

It feels to me that all my career and life paths have led me to this place. I love all aspects of my work. I love architecture, stories of people, classic elements that stand the test of time, entertaining, beautiful collectibles, textiles, artisan finishes, project management, photography, the thrill of the hunt, the exciting moment an inspired idea enters my mind, and most of all producing something original and special for the people I serve.

Your interiors mix old and new with textures, colors, and unique materials in unexpected ways–how do you incorporate different styles while retaining an overall cohesive feel?

I enjoy making things work together that surprise people and positively impact the way they feel. I often use color and pattern as a second language and being fluent helps me use unique and layered combinations. We don’t get excited about what is predictable, so I like to bring fresh ideas.

Once I try to formulate my design work into a staid step by step process, a design can lose its essence. I design with my heart and the finish is a mixture of my client’s story, their collected treasures, and the house’s architecture. The rest is magic.

Right now I am inspired by: History and metamorphosis.

Who are some of your style icons?

I am more of girl next door rather than someone who studies socialites. Even my wildly successful clients or those with note-worthy pedigrees often enjoy my down to earth nature and approach to design. I am equally inspired by the natural world and the world constructed by man. I find myself inspired daily by fashion, music, architecture, animals and nature.

How is your creative process different for a ground-up remodel or new build versus a simple room refresh?

I always start the same. I want to know what my client desires, what they love, and what inspires them. Sometimes people are so influenced by others that they don’t understand what is unique about their own aesthetic or taste. I help them get there.

Describe a project that’s really stood out to you as special.

I am selective about whom I work with. It has to feel right. Why? My clients become my muse and I immerse myself in their wishes and essence. The client project I am most crazy about is almost always the one active in the studio.

Favorite travel destination for inspiration?

I typically travel internationally at least once a year. Not bad for a Midwest gal with modest roots! I have been everywhere from Europe, to Africa, to Asia. They all provide equal inspiration in different ways. Actually, I feel like the more I travel, the more I have to give to my projects. I feel very lucky.