Colby Seibold of GRO was initially hired by the homeowners of this 15-acre multi- generational property to rework an existing covered patio. The interior of the home had been remodeled, and the adjacent landscaping wasn’t congruous. The view included dying birch trees, unkept boxwoods, and a dry, uninviting lawn.

“The homeowners wanted a space that could grow with them, allowing the kids and grandkids to take advantage of the outdoor living for many years to come. They had a pool at their previous home and really loved it. Slowly the plan began evolving beyond just the patio,” said Seibold.

Seibold managed all aspects of the project including excavation, framing, plumbing, masonry, gas work, finish carpentry, hardscaping, irrigation, low voltage work, and plants from the GRO nursery. In this case, slightly boggy land required an integrated bioswale and drainage system as well. With what amounted to a blank canvas, Seibold, in collaboration with the homeowners, created an outdoor oasis with year-round livability. He restructured the landscape through an artful mix of elevations, native plants, landscape lighting, and natural materials.

It’s amazing how much goes underground to create the serene experience above,” said Seibold. “In this case, it included plumbing, gas, and electric for features like three sheer decent waterfalls, three bubblers, and an outdoor fire pit. There is even an eight speaker sound system with two subwoofers strategically placed around the landscape.”

The homeowners now benefit from multiple spaces to relax and entertain. Landscape lighting provides a magical ambiance. “The depth and character that lighting can bring to a landscape at night cannot be overstated,” said Seibold. “Without lighting, you can only enjoy your outdoor spaces during the day – when most people aren’t home.” The low-voltage lighting can be controlled and programmed remotely including light-sensitive options to adjust with the sunrise and sunset.

To increase privacy, the area beyond the pool deck was raised to form a natural barrier and styled with a retaining wall. Planters are positioned along cut-outs to soften both the view as well as all the hardscape, and to add additional height. Natural rock is featured throughout. At the pool’s deep end, inset stones offer an organic jumping-off zone more aesthetically pleasing than a plastic slide.

The new landscaping is lush but low maintenance, with thoughtful plants and a built-in drip system. “We like to bring in native plants to a project, including a good mix of color with variegated greens and flowering plants,” says Seibold. In this case, he included Karl Foerster grasses, Weeping Sequoias, Red Thyme and Blue Star creeping ground covers, dwarf roses, and Alaskan Cedars. “The clumping grasses add height and are relaxing as they peacefully sway in the breeze.” The bushes and bordering trees will fill in over time, continuing to grow - right along with the family.



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