Each of your projects is full of fresh and interesting ideas—how do you stay inspired?

My inspiration can come from just about anywhere. I am always finding inspiration in nature, a trip to the Portland Art Museum, travel and great design work that resonates with me. Every project is unique, and I try to establish the elements of inspiration early in the design process, which is an interactive process with my clients.

You’ve worked on a variety of projects, has there been an experience that has significantly influenced your viewpoint?

Having spent the first twenty years of my career working for some of Portland’s top architectural firms, I have come to value interdisciplinary collaboration as the ideal way to design and build. I was fortunate to have amazing opportunities to be involved in all aspects of a project: working hand in hand with clients, architects, engineers, and contractors in a collaborative environment. The Maple Rock project was a great example of that! It was a pleasure working with Scott Edwards Architecture and Hamish Murray Construction to bring our clients’ dream home to fruition.

How would you describe your design style?

l would describe my personal design style as “modern organic.” I love spaces that balance a sense of contrast, texture, proportion, and light using natural materials like wood and stone and a few carefully considered details that add an element of craft. When working with my clients to design spaces that they will love, I begin every project by understanding their personal design style that sets the tone for the project. The range of projects in my portfolio reflects that philosophy, of first listening, understanding and then designing to reflect my clients’ unique vision and style.

With experience in commercial and residential design, how does each impact your design process?

Drawing on my thirty years of experience, I tailor my design process to each unique client and project, whether it is residential or commercial. Since starting Katy Krider Interior Design in 2016, I have focused almost exclusively on residential interior design. I have really enjoyed the shift in scale that comes with residential design and the ability to offer a more personal and client-focused design process.

What is your favorite space in your own home and why?

I am my own client. Our house continues to evolve as we renovate and make it our own. It’s a funky old farmhouse that has had many renovations over its 122-year lifetime. I do love our living room which is anchored by a big wood burning fireplace with rustic basalt rock that was quarried from the site. The walls and ceiling are paneled in circa 1930 oak paneling. It’s soulful and warm and I may just leave it ‘as is’ in homage.

How do your interests outside of work keep you motivated?

To stay motivated and creative it is so important for me to seek balance between work, life and play time. Outside of the studio I enjoy horseback riding, skiing, and spending time with my family.

Best materials to splurge on?

The best materials to splurge on are the ones that makes you happy. In this market, installation labor and construction are often the most significant budget line items. Often, in the scheme of things, the difference between the cost of an average ceramic tile versus the stone tile that a client really wants is negligible based on square footage. I always encourage my clients to prioritize what makes them happy, because the cost to install the average tile is the same to install the tile that they really love — and will live with for years to come.

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