photography by AJ MEEKER & ASHLEY MARTI



1 pound black cod filet

For the miso marinade:

2 cups chickpea miso (chef recommends: Jorinji brand)

2.5 oz sake

5 oz mirin

¾ cup sugar

For the Cod

Cut cod into 3.5 oz portions, roughly 5 pieces.

Prepare the miso marinade:

Bring miso, sake, mirin and sugar to a simmer to combine ingredients.

Remove from heat and cool miso marinade in the fridge.

After cooled, place enough of the marinade in a ziplock bag to cover the portioned cod, and marinate in the refrigerator for 3 days.

Skewer 2-3 pieces of the cod on 3 skewers so all of the skin is facing the same way.

Over a very hot grill, cook the flesh side first until well carmelized with a nice char.

Flip to skin side down and repeat the process.

Remove from heat, then rotate skewers in-place to loosen and remove skewers from the fish.

Serve right away.

Sake Pairing

Masumi Okuden Kantsukuri "Mirror of Truth", a sake that is well-rounded in flavor and body. It has notes of earth and a slight hint of dried fruit and flowers with a citrus finish, serve it hot.


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