Tell us about your approach to design and what has shaped your vision.

It is imperative to really understand the hopes and dreams of our client and the reality of their budget. We then dive into “what are the bones of what we are starting with” – where are the best views in the house, how can we capture more natural light, how does our client live and hope to use their space? Whether we are designing and building new, remodeling an existing structure, or furnishing an already built home – a collaborative approach and exceptional listening skills are integral to achieving great design. Our goal is always, “How can we elevate beyond what our clients have even imagined?”

Are there common themes that distinguish your work?

Clean lines, thoughtful storage, organic textures, unexpected design moments, statement lighting, fabulous wallpaper and thoughtful, inviting, layered luxury.

What part of the design process do you find most rewarding?

Empowering our client to be bold. When clients embrace the process from day one, seeing the sheer joy and awe on their faces when they walk into a completed project is heartwarming.

What are some major takeaways from designing homes?

Hire a great design/build team! Having one entity to work with from start to finish eliminates unnecessary headaches, egos and cost overruns. Having a dedicated team who will have your back throughout the process eliminates stress. We love the fixed bid approach of our construction. We spend more time on the design side so we can have decisions and cost decided before we even break ground on construction. We sleep better at night and so do our clients.

What was the “lightbulb” moment when you realized you wanted to pursue architecture, construction, and design?

James and I bought our first home in LA and did a lot of the work and design ourselves. We realized that not only did we love the process, we worked really well together and discovered we were actually pretty good at it. That’s when we decided to quit the jobs we didn’t love and pursue this full time together.

What is your favorite design rule you use again and again?

I’m not a great rule follower which is why I left corporate America and became an entrepreneur, but I’d say using fabulous lighting is something we never stray from in any project and not being afraid to push our clients out of their comfort zones to introduce them to ideas and solutions they never considered. That, and never take ourselves too seriously.

Does the ambition of designing unique spaces mean that the bar is continually raised for you personally?

Absolutely. We never want to do the same thing twice and we want to be challenged and try new things, stretch ourselves and are always seeking new materials, ideas and products to try.

What are indulgences you like integrating into a space?

Floor heat in the all bathrooms, show-stopping lighting and wallpaper and a well-designed kitchen with all of the bells and whistles because we all live in our kitchens.

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