How do you channel passion for design into collaboration with architects to bring each project’s vision to life?

We have been fortunate to work with a long list of skilled architects and designers, sort of a “who’s who” in the pool of Pacific NW design. We’ve become intimately familiar with the broad body of work we’ve built and enjoy sharing that experience as we work with the next class of talented architects.

Specializing in high-end custom residential projects in remote areas like the San Juan Islands offers a variety of challenges. What have these experiences taught you?

Working remotely presents many of the same challenges as working in a city brings, but often to a greater degree. Forecasting, communicating, and managing expectations are key. We work to anticipate curveballs that remote work can throw including extreme weather, difficult logistics, and limited resources. It is an art to build a complicated home on a pristine site, then withdraw and leave a jewel of a home on a site that looks otherwise untouched.

Clients value your quality craftmanship and how you imbue joy into your work. Share how this focuses your client-centered approach.

Being known and sought after for quality construction has enabled us to assemble an amazing team who share our passion for design-forward projects. Having such a capable team of craftspeople in place, we can focus our energies on exceeding the bar set by the architects and clients we work with.

How do you manage the flow of information between architects, clients, and other key collaborators while keeping the delight of building a beautiful home alive?

We believe the quality of our communication should match the quality of our craftsmanship. One key practice we’ve enjoyed is sending out photo essays to the entire team of builders, architects, and owners each week. We’ve found this helps maintain excitement and focus on the project and is especially helpful for our more remote efforts. Time-lapse construction videos have become a big favorite.

How do you stay focused on your founding passions as you juggle the diverse needs of working in the Seattle metro area, the Methow Valley, the San Juan Islands, and evermore remote areas?

The common thread in these regions is a thirst for high-quality construction that is executed by professionals. We have sought out like-minded local craftspeople in each area to bring that level of professionalism to every project, regardless of location.

You are committed to sustainable and efficient building practices, how do you incorporate sustainable design into your work?

We believe sustainability is a way of life and should apply to the design, craftsmanship, energy efficiency, and relationships built throughout our work.

Favorite part of the construction process?

We love seeing the new ideas unveiled when we unroll a set of plans and can’t wait to bring the drawings to life.

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