As a designer of modern architecture for 25 years, how has your viewpoint evolved?

My focus has shifted from simply wanting to create modern homes, to wanting to create modern homes that truly belong to the site they were designed for.

How does living and working in central Oregon impact your design?

Living in this incredible place has had a massive influence on how I view architecture; from connections the building gives its inhabitants to their surroundings, to an awareness of how the resources we consume as we build can influence the environment we live in. I love the western U.S. for its raw and natural beauty. In the process of creating architecture, I think we as designers must strive to protect and enhance the natural world.

You focus on light-filled, nature-connected homes, what speaks to you about these projects?

I love the natural beauty of the region in which we live. I think helping people be more aware of the world around them enhances the quality of their lives. It creates an awareness of the changing seasons and the qualities of light throughout the day. I believe people’s lives are enhanced when they are more connected with the cycles of nature.

You are known for collaborating with a number of architects and designers. How has this impacted your work?

I get a great deal of satisfaction from collaborating with other highly inspired and talented architects. It keeps my enthusiasm level high. Collaboration can help me see different aspects of a design approach that I may not have considered. When working together, we tend to arrive at solutions that we may not have discovered on our own. There’s an energy that is created when designers are sharing, then enhancing each other’s ideas. It makes the design process a lot of fun.

What are some key takeaways from working on projects around the world, including locations such as the Rocky Mountains, Palm Desert, Northern Europe and Eastern Africa?

The most important takeaway is the fact that humans are pretty much the same all around the world. They strive for the same things: health, joy, security, and prosperity for their families. The small differences in culture are what make the world a rich and beautiful tapestry and so much fun to explore. I think the most successful buildings in any location are the ones built with local materials and offer a strong passive response to the climate in which they exist.

What keeps you excited about residential architecture?

Every project, every client, and every job site are unique. The process of solving the challenges presented with each new home is what keeps me motivated and excited.

Describe your design philosophy.

I could spend 20 hours talking about this topic. Simply put, I believe buildings should be designed to enhance the quality of the land they occupy, while satisfying the needs and desires of their inhabitants.

Favorite place to travel?

Anywhere in the American West. I love the desert. I love to explore wild and new places.

What draws you to mountain biking?

Being in the woods and spending time with friends and family are what I love most about the sport. My dad, who was one of the first mountain bike trail builders in the area, introduced me to mountain biking when I was eleven. I have been following him around the forest for the past 40 years and am lucky that I still get to ride with him.