How would you describe your relationship with architecture? How has it changed over your career?

I have always felt how spaces affected me, even before I could identify it as ‘architecture’. Architecture is dynamic and unfolding, and over time it has reinforced in me how the architecture we create can affect and improve lives.

You have a wide-ranging portfolio, what speaks to you about these different projects?

We embrace each of our projects as unique interpretations of our clients. Our designs tell our client’s stories, not ours, so each is specific to them. We enjoy this challenge as a way to continually expand our knowledge and grow as architects.

Where do you start with your designs?

The architecture that we create is designed to be enduring. From considering how the structure relates to and occupies the site, to the materials and detailing that go into the building, our homes are intended to last for generations. This means designing building assemblies that respond to and work with the local climate and the use of materials that have a proven record of longevity.

Your firm emphasizes collaboration between the clients and project team, how does this impact the design experience?

I often say that our client’s first and most important task in the project is to assemble a project team whom they enjoy, trust, and empower to collaborate well together. Having the architect, landscape architect, interior designer, general contractor – and other design consultants – engage together early allows for an integrated design process that will only enrich the final design.

What influences inspire you and how does that impact your firm’s designs?

The subtleties of the Northwest environment—the shades of green and gray and the temperate climate blur the line between the spaces we create inside and those we create outside.

How would you describe your firm’s design style?

Our clients drive the design style of their home so there is not a singular style within which we work. The commonality amongst our projects would be authenticity. Whether traditional or contemporary, we work to ensure that the composition, details, and materials are authentic to that style.

What are some major takeaways from designing homes?

There are countless decisions to be made in designing a home. It is rewarding to be able to guide our clients through that process in an engaging and fun manner. Ultimately, working with our clients is about building a relationship and creating something very unique and personal for them.

As you look to the future, are there any ideas you think should be front and center in the minds of residential architects?

Longevity, sustainability, and designs that can grow and change with a family.

Outside of design what interests you?

Photography, tennis, skiing, and getting away to the San Juan Islands.