Erin Benzakein, a flower farmer and floral designer in Skagit Valley, Washington, created this black beauty for us. It’s the perfect bouquet for the moody days of winter, using the dark tones of copper beech, black queen anne’s lace and ebony dahlias.

Here’s Erin’s list of the perfect blooms and botanicals to create your own dramatic arrangement at home.

[1] grapes

[2] coleus

[3] amaranth

[4] dahlia ‘Bracken Rose’

[5] dahlia ‘Twilight

[6] dahlia ‘Crossfield Ebony’

[7] black queen anne’s lace

[8] scabiosa

[9] basil

[10] copper beech

[11] black elderberry

[12] lisianthus

[13] scented geranium ‘Chocolate’

[14] wheat

[15] nine bark ‘Coppertina’

[16] thornless blackberry