Larkspur & Clematis

A graceful, trailing array of blooms in magnificent purples imbue a sense of elegance and charm. Delightful Rose ‘Lavande’ paired with Larkspur ‘Earl Grey’, and violet Snapdragon ‘Potomac Lavender’ are mixed amongst an array of lovely, aromatic Apple Mint and budded Clematis—all gathered together in a delightful tonal centerpiece.

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Foxglove & Berries

This pretty honey-hued arrangement is summery perfection. From the striking creams of ‘Cherry Caramel’ Phlox to the defining layer of Dahlia ‘Crichton Honey’, peach is a true bouquet classic that pairs with summer’s bountiful blooms. Long-lasting and versatile, stems of Foxglove ‘Camelot Cream’ effortlessly complement stems of bronze and apricot-hued Snapdragon while stems of unripe Blackberry add a quintessential sunny weather feel!

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The bay is visible from the pathway of locally quarried alger granite steppingstones that lead past the sunken spa to the original reconstituted staircase to the beach. Lynne suggested salvaging the women’s pebble mosaics which Broadhurst fashioned into a pathway down the cliff face. Big Blue Sea Holly (Eryngium zabelii), foxglove, mullein, libertia, Johnson’s Blue geraniums and allium flourish alongside one another. The main terrace is at right. Broadhurst’s newly designed Sun Garden left.

Blooms on the Bay

For British born landscape designer Paul R. Broadhurst, of Broadhurst + Associates in Seattle, creating a woodland garden on Lopez Island was an odyssey of sorts, combining the site’s history with the women who once cultivated it, the wildlife that flies over and meanders through it, along with the sound of the gentle waves that perpetually lap against the horseshoe bay that borders it.

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Garden Perennial Gems

From dark chocolatey foliage to stunning garnet-laced flowers, these perennials will add dramatic beauty to your garden. 

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Roald Dahl, soft orange-red buds open to medium-sized, cupped rosettes of perfect apricot coloring.

A Garden for the Seasons

A bit of planning needs to go into a rose garden, but the end result is a garden like no other—with characteristic long seasonal blooms and delightful fragrances that last into late summer and autumn.

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Gertrude Jekyll, for famed English gardener - pink with Old Rose fragrance.

Coming Up Roses

David Austin, winner of 25 Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal Awards, has spent 60 years breeding the world’s most lush, fragrant roses.

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Ranunculus & Tulips

There’s so many reasons to love spring blooming Ranunculus. The flowers look almost too perfect to be real. Their rose-like blossoms feature layer upon layer of tissue-thin petals in colors that range from cream and pale yellow to apricot, pink, orange, red and burgundy. Long-lasting and versatile, they tuck beautifully into bouquets. Paired here with lively tulips, delicate forget-me-nots, trailing Akrebia vine and “Amber Jubilee“ Ninebark branched — all in a luscious apricot pallette!

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A hands-on collaborator, Pamela always wanted to be on site when something specific was happening. “Having someone you can trust like Paul was just magical!” Oregon Sunshine foreground, blue Tritelleia Laxa “Queen Fabiola” and Henderson’s Checker Mallow hug Guest house, where pocket glass walls open to garden. Easy-to-clean Pennsylvania Bluestone floors that flow outdoors help guesthouse double as pool house.

Waterfront Sanctuary

The once sterile lawn-centric landscape of this Lake Washington home now boasts a magnificently terraced, environmentally and wildlife friendly landscape by Paul Broadhurst replete with newly-designed guest house left, and an infinity pool - all of which slopes gently down to the water’s edge with meandering paths and a pebble beach secured by logs and boulders handpicked from a quarry in the Cascades.

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Landscape architect Jason Breitling of Cambium, Inc., who undertook both landscape architecture and landscape construction, creates a romantic dining area in the back garden that cantilevers out over Lake Washington. Two towering propane patio heaters mimic the height of the distant city skyline as well as the graceful Abutilon (“Tiger Eye” – Flowering Maple) right, which Breitling pairs with other perennial tropical plants that thrive in the microclimate formed by the garden’s proximity to the lake, which helps moderate the temperature year-round.

Waterfront Mediterranean

A recent renovation of a 1990s home built on the Western shores of Mercer Island features a tropical landscape design by Seattle’s Cambium, Inc., done in Mediterranean Villa style – with an abundance of plants bursting with color, unique flower formations and reach-for-the-sky height.

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Shade-friendly foliage plants including hosta, Japanese maple, Japanese forest grass, heuchera, and Irish yew spill from terraced beds constructed from cost-effective, attractive concrete blocks. “The vertical forms of the Irish yew help break up that long fence line,” explains Tim.

Modern Outdoor Living

Small space, big dreams. This backyard revamp from Cambium Landscape in Seattle transformed a modestly sized, ho-hum back lawn into a vibrant outdoor living room. Luminous natural materials, clever space-saving tactics, and lush plantings that rely on foliage rather than flowers combine to give this back patio classic contemporary style.

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To design a modern yard to complement a traditional home, a Seattle landscape is created with elements that combine the homeowner’s Virginia childhood with plants native to the Northwest.

Shadow Study

Cambium creates a Seattle landscape with elements that combine the homeowner’s Virginia childhood with native Northwest plants. 


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Town and Country

The Williamses’ family garden in Dunthorpe evokes distinctly English impressions. The existing challenges of the site, like the spring-fed brook, are met with naturalistic plantings that embrace its meandering flow. The garden’s mission, however, is not only to serve as a lovely place to be, and a model for Liz Williams’ paintings, but also provides abundant fresh cut flowers for the house.

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Lauren Hall-Behrens’ garden in Northeast Portland fuses modern industrial elements with a tropical vibe to create a lush retreat from urban life. Strong vertical lines, a more than eight-foot-tall arbor, and plants with significant height create a screening effect from neighbors while linking the garden to the Hall-Behrens’ tall home.

Tropical Delight

Portland garden designer Lauren Hall-Behrens transforms her own garden from a disorganized jumble of fruit trees into a serene paradise filled with hardy Asian tropicals and bold sculptural walls.

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When landscape architect Larry Cavender began work on this garden, he had two main charges: create a handsome entry from the front of the house and its motor court into the lower garden, and restore the compacted soil to something that would actually grow a plant. All of this has been accomplished, plus framing Lake Oswego views with inventive plantings and paving.

Laurels For The Land

Landscape architect Larry Cavender transforms a worn down lakeside property in Lake Oswego into old-world elegance with lovely framed views of the lake, inventive plantings and timeless paving.

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Eye-catching orange and chocolate tones highlight a bouquet of copper beech, black elderberry, ranunculus, sweet peas, grasses, mallow, nine bark, bronze fennel and snowberry foliage.

Flowers in the Fields

Floral designer Erin Benzakein’s initial passion to grow sweet peas grew into Floret Flower Farm in Washington’s Skagit Valley.

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Dark espresso colored stucco outlines the raised 14’x 36’ pool that spans the Brennekes back yard. Putting together the pre-cast pool pieces to create squared off corners took great mathematical precision, says landscape architect Craig Kiest. Lisa plants the colorful seasonal flowers for the pool’s corner pots, as well as the heirloom roses in the bed at left, grown from seed in St. Paul, Oregon.

Portland Parterre

In 2004, Tom and Lisa Brenneke undertook a major renovation of their 1909 Italian style Portland Heights home and gardens, a stately stucco villa within walking distance of their two businesses.

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Using an easy-care palette of plants selected for texture, Michael was also able to direct guest traffic around the exterior spaces, linking decks, porches, and arbors to lure visitors from one area to another.

An Entertaining Endeavor

When a Vancouver, Washington family buys an adjacent lot to enlarge their home, their garden expands too and the garden’s original landscape designer, Michael Schultz, returns with a new vision.

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Tish’s garden is set against the stunning backdrop of Puget Sound. In the foreground, Ceanothus thyrsiflorus ‘Victoria’ blooms in front of a hardy Rosa rugosa and nearly pastel Nepeta x faassenii ‘Walker’s Low.’ Purple Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’ contrasts strikingly against the foliage of Phlomis russeliana and the sunset-like glow of Berberis thunbergii ‘Rose Glow,’ while rounded tufts of Anemanthele lessoniana and Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’ provide soft movement.

A Gardener's Island Paradise

Garden designer Tish Treherne shares her sunny, shoreline garden on Bainbridge Island with us. The garden is a lovely four-year work in progress filled with sun-loving color and form.

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Portland Floral Designer Kailla Platt finds beauty in the simple, wild abundance of her grandmother’s garden and the fleeting colors of fall.  We talk with Kailla about her inspiration, her favorite fall flowers and foliage, and her recommendations for home gardeners who want to create their own seasonal arrangements.

Free Range Floral Design

Portland floral designer Kailla Platt returns to the garden of her childhood to gather aged branches and heirloom blooms for her sumptuous, seasonal arrangements.

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Much of the foliage at the home of landscape designer Michael Schultz and his partner Will Goodman was chosen for its broadleafed, tropical feel, and for the way it creates a sound and sight barrier from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Turning Up The Heat

Landscape designer Michael Schultz and his partner Will Goodman transform a city lot in Portland’s Mocks Crest neighborhood into a tropical retreat with lush broadleaf evergreens and bold blooms.

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